Exciting News! We Now Have a Magazine!

De Cubanos Para Cubanos Magazine is a project under which we will print and distribute a magazine in Cuba on the topic of religious freedom. It is not yet published, so, in the meantime, you can view the blog articles on this site, bycubansforcubans.wordpress.com. The site is translated into Spanish.

We will feature well-known religious figures such as Father Jose Conrado and  Pastor Mario Felix Lleonart, along with others not as well known but significant, writing on their various perspectives on religion. Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, Evangelicals, Jews, Muslims, and even Atheists will contribute. Anyone who wishes to communicate  about religion in Cuba, freedom of religion in general, and the obstacles – from within and from without, that limit one from living a moral, civil, religious life will be invited to participate. There will also be articles written by Cuban writers who do not typically write on this topic but who wish to participate in the dialog on this theme.

De Cubanos Para Cubanos recognizes that the situation faced by Cubans on the island is quite different fromt that faced by Cubans outside of the country; however, in a  sense, all Cubans belong to a common community – even if circumstances divide them. All Cubans share a central focus – the island of Cuba.

The magazine will not be dedicated to dissidents, unless one defines  honest persons as dissidents. If a person considers themselves to be a dissident, we respect their right to identify that way – just as much as we respect the right for a person to identify as a militant, revolutionary, or any other mode of defining oneself.  However, we recognize that religion, like all things of value, is a very personal thing, just like the right to express oneself is highly personal.  We invite eveyrone who is interested in reading the articles to join in on the dialog, to write in, and to invite others to write. Help us publish and distribute the magazine on the island.

You can contact us here:


Thank you!

The De Cubanos Para Cubanos Writing Team


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