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Perhaps your part of the world is developed,manufacturing nuclear arms and garnering nuclear power. Well, ours is distraught and exploited.  In Cuba religious oppression is at its peak.

Your country may afford you freedom from oppression and you may be free to follow the religion you believe in, Mine doesn’t. Cuba objects to this most basic right. Cuba engages  in arbitrary imprisonment, torture, unfair trials, and extrajudicial execution.

Cuba restricts freedom of religion, legally. Originally a Catholic nation, it turned to atheism following the revolution in 1959.Though Christianity is accepted, Christians are under intense scrutiny; all their movements are watched. A few sects really get it bad; the Jehovah Witnesses for example.

Until recently, Christians couldn’t own property and if they did, it could be seized, without any compensation. According to the government, churches are a social movement and hence, choosing to follow any religion is problematic and subject to government control.

Religious leaders undergo harassment and scrutiny – and for this reason a lot of them have  immigrated to the US. While it is true that Cuba signed an international pact on Civil and Political Rights, it is not yet implemented. Religious prisoners, also called prisoners of conscience, are humiliated, sometimes beaten, and their religious materials confiscated. They are not allowed to participate in religious gatherings. Jehovah Witnesses are considered to be  “social deviants”. In the past they were forced into labor camps, on the pretext that they need to be “-“. The Revolution claimed to hold women in high regard, attempting to lift discrimination from women once and for all. The reality is that the revolution was no friend to women when it came to following a faith. Women are harassed just as men are in modern day Cuba. I know as I have experienced it myself.

The world can only really know a part of what we suffer. A lot if not revealed – though the Internet is changing this. God help Cuba. It seems right now no one else is doing so.