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How do Cubans feel about Christianity and Catholicism? Some like it some don’t. There were not a lot of churches of any type in Cuba in colonial times – especially in the countryside. After the Revolution a lot of clergy left Cuba for Miami, which made it even worse. Oftentimes one clergy person had to service a huge area, and could only visit once every several months.

In August of 1960, the Catholic bishops sent a letter denouncing the Castro government. Fidel expelled a number of priests from the country, and many Catholics were told to leave the communist party. To this day practitioners of faith –  all faiths – are harassed. There is no religious education in school curriculum; communism is the unofficial “religion” and Fidel the “God.”When Fidel nationalized the church’s lands, the church became a center of opposition. Religion in general has little traction in Cuba even today, even though things are getting better. A scientific understanding of the world is taught in the schools – never anything of Adam and Eve.

People of faith can only continue to pray that we will see an end to this religious tyranny in Cuba.