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In a scene straight out of 1960’s America, violent mobs have been attacking peaceful female marchers in Cuba, most of whom are black. The images, sent around the world on cell phone that have become the new de-facto recorders of real truth, show disturbing scenes of raging mobs attacking peaceful marchers, the ‘ladies in white’, beating them, smashing them with stones and leaving them injured and traumatized.

This is amid the ‘reforms’ that President Raul Castro supposedly is making, including giving more rights to gays, to religious expression, and to free thinking, and allowing more freedom to purchase cell phones, computers and so forth. (No internet connections are allowed however.)

Interestingly, under the rule of his brother Fidel blacks faced less discrimination and less fear. Abuses were given the requisite attention, albeit sparingly, and the age of racial equality seemed to be coming to a slow fruition.  Under Raul however the days of beating, stoning and brutality seem to be returning.

Prostitution is also being given more leeway, and girls as young as 13 are being forced into the sex trade as tourism flourishes.  Indeed, crimes against women appear to be on the rise in Cuba, a country where male babies are prized over females because of their future ability to earn an income and support the family. Since sex pays well, girls are starting to be seen as a commodity.

Recently, as a way to keep the images of armed thugs beating unarmed black Cubans out of the international headlines, Raul Castro has taken to sending female government agents out to take down these so-called ‘insurgents’ . This has worked, so far, and it even began to appear that Castro had softened his stance. But a closer look at the scarred and broken women  that continue to emerge from Cuba’s prisons will tell you that not only is he turning a blind-eye to the attacks of black females and females in general, he seems to be encouraging it.

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