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Since the 20th of March, hundreds of peaceful opponents have been arrested throughout Cuba. All because of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba.

This is in violation of Article 8 of Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, as amended by the regime in 1992, which article says, “The state recognizes, respects and guarantees religious freedom. And religious institutions are separate from the state and all enjoy equal consideration”

Contrary to the above, the dictators give themselves the right to suppress, put under house arrest, and imprison anyone who would tarnish the image of totalitarianism in the eyes of God’s representative on earth.

Serving as good hired agents, the political police hunted down all peaceful opposition, to force them to submit to their commands, or better said, to their oppression, without any respect for religious beliefs, or gender, and led hundreds of Cuban women and men to prison.

Between the 26th to the 28th of March, from cell number 5 in the Aguilera police station in the municipality of Diez de Octubre in the city of Havana, four young men, amongst whom I can be counted, shouted loudly, “Freedom” and “Long live Christ the King.”

Our comrades in battle shouted our slogans, along with 4 Ladies in White, who for 72 hours shared our punishment, because of our commitment and our love for Christ and freedom.

I said in those three days and I say today, how this regime of the Castro brothers fears the truth! Neither can His Holiness the Pope save us from the hatred and contempt that these rulers and sinners have shown towards the Cuban people for more 53 years.

“Hallelujah, God alone saves”! But our Cuba will soon be free because each of us bears witness to the Lord of victory, which we will achieve not with the force of arms, but only with the force of truth.

Lilvio Fernandez Luis

Director of JACU Juventud Activa Cuba Unida ( Active Youth, United Cuba)